(Re)claim and (Re)connect with your ancestral medicine.


The land is calling you home.

Medicine is more than just plants- It's in all of Creation. It's in your ancestral connections. It's in the deep, cold, spring and the warm, soothing embrace of the sun. It's in the double helix of DNA and in seeds that carry our ancestral memories and lineages, quietly sleeping, waiting to burst forth in Spring. It's in the rhythm of the drum and the resonance of songs carried for generations. It's in the resilient weeds breaking through concrete, reaching up to the sky. It's in the rage we feel towards injustice, sparking a fire inside that transforms our world.

We are medicine for each other.

Your medicine is unique to you, and it's waiting for you to remember who you are.



Sky World Apothecary + Farm was born out of the desire to create a safe, equitable space for human beings to learn from, connect with, protect, and reclaim native species and settler plant medicines. We are based out of the northernmost region of Carolinian forest in Niagara, Ontario.

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Discover and nurture your connection to plant allies that help us from Turtle Island and beyond; learn how to incorporate the traditional foods that are best for your body + soul- on the farm and in the forest. Collaborate with other students and your ancestors to learn and grow. Learn how to un-learn.

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