About Sky World Apothecary

Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill herbalism...

We are all connected...

We are all connected...

More of a hybrid between herbalism, community-driven Ethnobotany, and social justice incubator, Sky World Apothecary at Orchard Hill Farm promotes the equitable, culturally safe, sustainable, affordable, healing, celebratory, and liberatory relationship between plants, people, and our ancestors.

Currently based out of Orchard Hill Farm in Ridgeville, Ontario, Sky World Apothecary is a space of nurturing contemplation, hard work, and generous amounts of play where plants, people, and ancestors all combine forces to build peace. 

Sky World Apothecary began in the heart + home of Stephanie Morningstar.

Shekoli! skʌna’kó: kʌ́? (Hello! Are you at peace?)

Shekoli! skʌna’kó: kʌ́? (Hello! Are you at peace?)

About Stephanie Morningstar

Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill herbalist.

Stephanie Morningstar (OnΛyota'a:ka – Oneida, Turtle clan, Lotinosho:ni/Haudenosaunee Confederacy & German/English ancestry) is an herbalist and Earth Worker at Sky World Apothecary & Farm. Her work as an Indigenous ethnobotanist, cultural anthropologist, student, and educator centres the intersections between native & settler species plants of Dish With One Spoon territory; the translation of Indigenous Knowledge + Science; bioregional and ancestral plant medicines; and uplifting humans through food sovereignty.

In addition to her work at Sky World Apothecary, Stephanie is Co-Director of the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust; a Leadership Council member for the New England Women's Herbal Conference and the International Herb Symposium; and a Indigenous Knowledge Mobilization Specialist for Global Water Futures, an interdisciplinary, multi-partner hydrological research consortium focused on adaptive measures to address climate change in cold regions.

Stephanie has been (and continues to be) a student of plant medicine training with Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Western teachers for the past 15 years. Her "formal" herbal education includes the completion of programs through the Dominion School of Herbal Medicine and Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. She is currently completing an intensive program in advanced clinical herbalism with the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. Her most valued and respected teacher is the land, and by extension, the mentors who love the land.

Through an integration of oral history, documentary storytelling, ethnography, and transformative processes, Stephanie asks the unique and challenging questions required to cultivate safe, ethical, and equitable herbal healing spaces.

Stephanie currently works and teaches in Niagara, Ontario at Sky World Apothecary @ Orchard Hill Farm, an organic herb and traditional foods farm and woodland forest garden in the middle of the northernmost part of the magical Carolinian forest where she lives with her main man Noel, six crazy and unique cats, three sweet dogs, and a farm full of animal friends.